• Stanadyne

    We believe precision applies to everything we do.

  • David P. Galuska
    David P. Galuska Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. John A. Pinson
    Dr. John A. Pinson President, Chief Technology Officer, Acting Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing
  • Stephen Langin
    Stephen Langin Chief Financial Officer
    & Corporate Secretary of Holdings
  • Titus Iwaszkiewicz
    Titus Iwaszkiewicz Vice President of Global Engineering
  • Sanjay Chadda
    Sanjay Chadda Managing Director, Near East
  • Michael Zhu
    Michael Zhu Managing Director, Far East
  • Guido Terzi
    Guido Terzi Managing Director, EMEA
  • David Zimmerman
    David Zimmerman Managing Director, Americas
  • Harry Craft
    Harry Craft Global Quality Director