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Gasoline Direct Injection Products

Leading the industry in high-performance gasoline direct injection fuel pumps.

Stanadyne specializes in the design and manufacture of high pressure direct injection fuel pumps, providing vehicle manufacturers with customized best-in-class solutions for homogeneous and stratified direct injection engines.

Stanadyne understands that building next-generation engines requires more than a one-size-fits-all fuel system. Our flexible approach offers right-sized solutions that are flex-fuel capable and play an important role in meeting stringent engine emissions standards and fuel efficiency requirements.

At Stanadyne, we work with automakers all over the world to solve the toughest fuel system challenges and meet the increasing expectations of the marketplace. From passenger car and recreational vehicles to the most elite racing series engines, our groundbreaking demand control strategies, reduced drive torque and proprietary technology deliver advantages in performance, efficiency and noise reduction.

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